Good Price Solid Carbide Round Bar Carbide Rods for End Mill Bits From Manufacturer

Good Price Solid Carbide Round Bar Carbide Rods for End Mill Bits From Manufacturer

Overview Quick Information Tungsten carbide(also named as cemented carbide) a kind of material made from combination of
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Production Capacity 20 Metric Tons Per Month
Product Description

Quick Information

Tungsten carbide(also named as cemented carbide) a kind of material made from combination of tungsten and carbon(with formula WC) with cobalt binder,it could keep stable property under high temperature 800ºC with high compressive strength,high hardness and strong resistance to wear,which make tungsten carbide cutting tools a perfect choice for many industrial needs.Tungsten carbide rod is the preferred material for metal cutting tool manufacturing, widely used in the industries which has high requirements for wear-resistance, corrosion-resistance and high-temperature resistance. It has a lot of outstanding performance.

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Main Dimensions

Diameters(inch)Tol. of DiametersLength(inch )Tol. of Length(inch )Chamfer Cx45°(Tol. +/-0.004'')
1/8h6/h51.5/2/2.5/3/3.5/4/130/+1% of lengthMin +0.02''

Diameter tolerance of unground tungsten carbide rods
Diameter range/Length rangeL<100mm100mm ≤ L ≤ 200mm200mm < L ≤ 330mm330mm < L ≤ 1000mm
Φ0.5 < Diameter ≤ Φ10+0.2/+0.3+0.3/+0.45+0.3/+0.5+0.4/+0.6
Φ10< Diameter ≤ Φ16+0.3/+0.45+0.3/+0.5+0.4/+0.6+0.4/+0.8
Φ16< Diameter ≤ Φ25+0.3/+0.5+0.4/+0.6+0.4/+0.8+0.5/+1.0
Φ25< Diameter ≤ Φ46+0.3/+0.7+0.4/+0.8+0.5/+1.0+0.6/+1.1

Quality Grade

GradeISO code Grain size(um) binder(%) Density(≥g/cm³)HardnessHRAT.R.S(N/mm²)Fracure Resistane((Kic),MPa.m^(1/2)Application
OST10K100.8614.9≥92.6 ≥28008.6Recommended for PCB drilling and milling.Widely used for magnesium alloy,glass fiber,wood,hard plastic,iron based alloy and etc.
OST25K30-K400.81014.4≥91.5≥360010.7With both toughness and wear resistance,it's economical grade for general cutting tools.
OST15FK30-K400.71014.5≥91.8≥420010.8With Excellent versatility,it's used for overall carbide cutting tools for carbon steel,cast iron,stainless steel,heat-resistant steel,nickel-based and titanium alloys and other materials.
OST12K400.71214.13≥91.4≥380010.8With ultra high impact strength and long working life,suitable for cutting tools for steel hardness over HRC50.
OST12UFK400.61214.15≥91.5≥440012.0With ultra high impact strength and long working life,specially recommended for cutting tools for high speed stainless steel processing.
OST25UFK400.51214.15≥92.3≥430012.0High hardness and high T.R.S,which is perfect material for high speed milling for nickle-based alloy,titanium alloy,stainless steel,hardened steel,gray cast iron and other intractable materials.
OST30MK30-K401.51514.2 ≥87.5 ≥32008.7Recommended for punching moulds and punching tools.

Quality Control

1. Material Milling and DesiccationDust-Free Workshop: All staff must wear specified uniforms before entering the workshop.2. Isostatic Suppressing for carbide rodsMachinery Automation:Automatic manipulators are installed for all of our TPA suppressing facilites,which is more accurate on weight controlling and reduces production cost.3. HIP Sintering Strict rules of operation: All operation need be conducted strictly as process rules.4. Quality checking of trial production.New testing piece: Testing piece must be produced before a new batch of material is used for mass production to ensure the stablequality.5. Grinding and MachiningWe own all facilitess for the whole carbide machining system to ensure the delivery in time,including surface grinding lathe,external grinding lathe,centerless grinding lathe,wire cutting machine,EDM sparkling machine.6. quality checking of finished products.Double Quality Checking: Inspection for semi-finished and finished products are both essential,products with defects will never be shipped.7. Packing and deliverySafe package and delivery: Kraft paper for the first layer,bubble plastic for the second layer,gaps are filled with sponge,We focus on every package detail to ensure that clients receive our goods with good looks and good quality.

Suitable for

Cemented carbide rods are widely used for high-quality solid carbide tools such as milling cutters, end mills, burs,drills,micro drills or addition,tungsten carbide rods are also used as punching rods in die and mold field,as process parts in automobiles and aircraft industry.

About Oston Carbide

Q:Is OSTON CARBIDE producer ?
A:OSTON CARBIDE is a exporting subsidiary for our parent company,which is a manufacturer of tungsten carbide and diamond wheels since 1998,you will get both manufacturing prices and good services here
Q:What kind of products and service could OSTON supply ?
A:OSTON has been specializing in carbide solutions for clints more than 20 countries,which includes design and manufacturing of various carbide parts. Q: Is there any certification for products of OSTON ?
A: Yes,All products from OSTON have been endorsed with the ISO9001:2015 certification. Q:Can a drawing be supplied to OSTON for further design ?
A: Yes,we encourage sending as more information as possible,drawing and sketch are welcome for specific quotation,even a sample could be sent to OSTON for further design. Q:When can I get the offer after sending inquiry ?
A:Our sales operates between 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday to Friday,Offer is usually supplied within 24 hours after we got your inquiry,if you are urgent to get the price,please call us or send email so that we'll take it as priority. Q:How long time I need spend on waiting for my goods ?
A:Usual delivery time is 15-18 days after 30% down payment is received,please confirm with us before placing the order if you need urgent turnaround delivery.